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Casper Labuschagne
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Money not earned, is money lost forever

Every business and entity should be online. Their customers, prospective customers, suppliers search on the Internet either their products or for the business by name. For any number of reasons, many businesses cannot be located online. Stop losing the money that your business should be earning.

If you are reading this, you are looking at a Rand-a-Day website which has been designed with the technology used for Rand-A-Day websites. The speed of development and ease of adding content is why it is just as suitable for a thousands of pages as for a mere handful of pages.

Solve your problem by placing your business online for a Rand-A-Day. You will have a full-featured website with no catches. Using a modular approach, you only pay for what you need on your website, with the base Rand-A-Day site offering a complete solution. Rand-A-Day sites look professional, they are designed for the purpose of marketing your business on the Internet. Most importantly they are responsive, meaning that they work on present and future mobile devices.

I cannot guarantee that a Rand-A-Day website will outperform any other website. However, the proof is that already Krooninfo numerous listings appears on Google above the websites of companies listed on Krooninfo. As Krooninfo grows this advantage will only increase. A Rand-A-Day website will perform well.

Effective, efficient, professional, lightning fast, extendable, responsive, affordable, extremely cost effective, adaptable, agile, Rand-A-Day. It just works.

Only a few web design and hosting companies can make most of the claims in the above statement while most web design companies can at least make a few of those claims. Rand-A-Day can make all those claims, and more.

Rand-A-Day, a website that just works for you.

Rand-a-Day is the solution if…

  • If you do not have a website or any presence on the Internet
  • If you only have a Facebook page and might need more…
  • If you put yourself up on Google maps, but where do you place your products?
  • If your existing website do not work on mobile sites, you are in either a redesign, or you will effective disappear on the Internet. Get a quote for a Rand-A-Day site and not only get a fast responsive site, but save a lot of money as well.
  • If your website costs you hundreds of rands a month without delivering the results.
  • If you have products that you would like to brand seperately.
  • If you want to fish for clients through Google Adsense that direct queries to marketing response pages.
  • If your current website 'does nothing for you', consider Rand-A-Day.