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Kroonstad Business and Tourism

Kroonstad Business and Tourism

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Kroonstad Business and Tourism

Business enquiries: 056 212 3611
Tourism enquiries: 0860 30 40 50

Kroonstad Business and Tourism is a non profit and registered association that promotes business and tourism in Kroonstad.

Currently the primary tourism event in Kroonstad is the annual Bokkie-week where in excess of 7,000 people visit Kroonstad for a sports festival that lasts a week. KB&T is involved in the organisation and logistics of the event including ensuring that there is adequate capacity to house visitors during this event.

There are numerous guest houses, lodges, a hotel, a caravan park and resort as well as game lodges in and around Kroonstad. Most of them are members of KB&T and are promoted by KB&T.

Keeping Kroonstad clean and neat is a priority and KB&T is actively engaged in projects such as cleaning up, placing litter bins and planting trees in Kroonstad.