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Kroonstad Business and Tourism

Kroonstad Business and Tourism

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Kroonstad Business and Tourism

Business enquiries: 056 212 3611
Tourism enquiries: 0860 30 40 50

Kroonstad Business and Tourism is a business and tourism information office for Kroonstad. KB&T is located in the Old Town Hall in Cross street. KB&T is a non-profit registered organisation that promotes the business and tourism ventures of its members.

Our activities include monitoring and interfacing with the Moqhaka municipality on behalf of our members. For example, in 2009 property taxes were lowered by as much as 20% after negotiations with Moqhaka. We act as an interest group on behalf of businesses in Kroonstad that cumulatively contribute as much as 80% to municipal income from property rates.

The promotion of tourism and related activities is a critical function of KB&T. Kroonstad has a large number of hospitality establishments. The annual Bokkie-week is held in Kroonstad and, where more than 7,000 visitors spend a week in Kroonstad.

Other projects include a project to plant trees in Kroonstad; the maintenance of the Old Town Hall at no cost to the municipality; the facilitation of exhibitions for local entrepreneurs and businesses.

Of particular concern is the planning for and management of the many heavy vehicles that move through our town. Many roads are not designed to accommodate heavy loads and roads and infrastructure is therefore damaged in the town.

Membership of KB&T is either on an individual or an annual basis.