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Are you listed on Krooninfo? Why not? For a rand a day you can be listed on Krooninfo. That is R365 per year, no hidden costs. That means your business or organisation will be listed in the category indexes and you get a single marketing page that will be similar to this page. Your page will have a concise address on the internet - - where the word "your-company" is replaced by the name of your organisation.

No catches

There are no catches. If you would try to do the same on the Internet it will cost thousands of rands and it will not be as effective as this page. I am so convinced that this page will outperform your current website that I am prepared to offer a money-back guarantee. If you are not happy, for whatever reason, and at any time, you will get your money back, no questions asked. I repeat, there are no catches. Only success.

A marketing page that works for you

A Krooninfo marketing page is all of the following, and moreā€¦

  • Your page is responsive, meaning that it works on mobile phones (Google penalises websites that are not responsive.)
  • Your page will share the Krooninfo digital certificate. (Our certificate is on the way.) Google penalises websites that do not have digital certificates.)
  • Your page on Krooninfo will appear on Google within days. Krooninfo is a highly ranked site with Google where content is indexed in a matter of hours. It will take you months to achieve this with a regular website, and the majority of websites don't get this right, ever.
  • You have an on-page contact form (the form on the right) where customers may contact you with a minimum of effort. If you really want to impress your customers, set your email program to retrieve email every 25 minutes and phone them back within 30 minutes. You will get an astonished new customer on the other side of the phone. And you will now have the foundation for a profitable relationship with a new customer. To experience this yourself, fill in the form and the right, but please remain close to your phone.
  • You get marketing copy on your page. That is copy that sells and that promotes your product. Not the company mission statement and a commitment to excellence as part of your branding (every website says the same yadda-yadda.) No, you get SEO friendly copy, containing targeted keywords that would be ready to kick off a pay-per-click campaign. Admittedly Krooninfo is not a platform to launch a PPC campaign, but your sales copy will be done right. This copy alone is worth many hundreds of rands.
  • A Google Maps marker with a map of the physical address of your organisation. This Google Map will be added to your page. Most websites don't even get this bit right! Since I am not the business owner, I can only add your business on Google Maps up to a certain point, whereafter you have complete this process. Since this is vital, I would gladly assist you in getting this done, but at a fee that is not included in the Rand-A-Day price.
  • The page looks clean and professional Admittedly this design is not the stuff that wins awards. The website is functional, delivers the message, sells your product or organisation, provides the visiter with the required information and does not get in the way of communication.
  • Krooninfo is done 100% right. This is what Krooninfo has: Analytics that is monitored daily; a modest pay-per-click campaign for Krooninfo to generate traffic in key areas;, a sitemap file that is submitted to Google Webmaster tools; submissions to Bing as well as other directory indexes; proper SEO in key areas; a correct HTML5 page structure in an article and section format that makes it easy for Google to index correctly; numerous pages are added daily. Google loves this stuff and it means that Krooninfo rockets to the top. Doing this for your own website will take a lot of time, effort and money. If Krooninfo succeeds, Kroonstad will benefit and you will reap the reward from being on Krooninfo.
  • You will be found on the Internet. A potential customer that searches for your products, business or company in Google will find you. Even if you have a top-notch website, it is worth adding a page to Krooninfo with information visitors search for and that points to your website. Your existing website will get qualified traffic directed towards a specific product or service. Ask yourself, would you be willing to pay a rand a day for quality leads?
  • Customers search through the category listings on Krooninfo for the most suitable solution to their needs. In that sense alone, the category listing on Krooninfo is equivalent to the Yellow Pages, only more cost efficient.

Continuous, never ending improvement

Right at the bottom of every page on Krooninfo, I place my personal phone number. On average I get three calls a day from people looking for a specialised product or service in Kroonstad. After assisting those visitors, I go and find out whether there is something I can improve on Krooninfo or if there is a problem with the existing information. Every day Krooninfo gets better and better in a process of continuous, never ending improvement.

Ask yourself, can you afford not to be on Krooninfo? Is it worth losing many hundreds (or thousands) of rands in lost opportunity because you did not want to spend a rand a day?

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Adding photos

And yes, you can add photos. It is vital that you have photos on your marketing page of your products, or service, or even your building. If you have a logo, it should be on your page as well as the category listings. If you don't have a logo, I can try to help with that as well. Normally I am happy to place up to 6 photos on the page (more photos makes the page slow). Up to four photos on a page seems to be the sweet spot.

Exceptional value

I can write several essays about the value you will get from listing on Krooninfo. The bottom line is that for a rand a day you get a service that is worth many times more. You will be found on the Internet and you get a page that works for you, where customers can contact you and that will lead to sales and direct business for you. This is a risk-free decision with a money-back offer.

Making Kroonstad proud

Krooninfo is a website that makes Kroonstad proud. You should be on Krooninfo.

Kroonstad Dutch Reformed Church

A basic page, free of charge

Note: Churches, schools and non-profit organisations get a basic free page. In order to promote Krooninfo and make it a valuable product, I add pages in a number of other key categories irrespective of whether they are paid listings or not. The difference is that they do not get a contact form and the web copy is basic copy without being targeted for SEO or PPC advertising.

Other Services

In addition to Krooninfo I operate a travel/accommodation listing website and numerous websites targeted to specialised fields such as catering or dog breeding. I also run Rand-A-Day which is targeted at creating single page lead generator pages or starting platforms for large websites. If you are interested, contact me right now, by using the form on the right. My rates are reasonable and everything is presented in up-front cost estimates and there are no hidden costs. And most importantly, you get Internet marketing that works!